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A message from Reverend Heidi Prince


Earlier in the year I stumbled across the ancient site of Saint Melangell. What a hidden gem! Hidden in the depths of the Tanat valley in North Powys, this ancient church is home to the oldest shrine in Britain.

Saint Melangell was obviously quite a lady. The story goes that whilst Brochwel, the Prince of Powys, was out hunting, a hare took refuge under Melangell’s cloak. The Prince was apparently so impressed by her holiness, that he decided to give her the valley as a sanctuary. Pennant Melangell has been a place of pilgrimage ever since, and Melangell is the patron saint of hares.

Here, in our parishes, we are surrounded by ancient sacred places, where once the saints passed by. Some of our Celtic saints seem to have lived quite wild and eccentric lives, and were certainly not the refined company we might imagine!

November is the month of All Souls, and All Saints; a time to remember those people we have known and loved, whose lives have reflected something of God’s love to us.

On November the 2nd, All Souls Day, there will be a special service in Llantilio Crossenny at 7pm. During this little service you will be invited to light a candle in memory of your loved one. Everyone is warmly invited to come along.

Lord, we thank you for the lights

that shone in our small corner of the world:

for mothers and grandmothers,

fathers and grandfathers,

children, husbands and wives,

neighbours, friends and colleagues,

who gave us something never to be forgotten

and shared a love never to be lost.


With every blessing,

Revd. Heidi, Llantilio Vicarage


01600 780240

If you would like to write a special prayer, send your ideas in a message to llantiliovicar@aol.com

A gentle plea from the Vicarage to let us know if someone is ill or in hospital and a pastoral visit would be appreciated.