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Welcome to the website of theĀ  Llantilio Crossenny group of parishes

The Priest in charge is Reverend Heidi Prince who is based at The Vicarage in Llantilio Crossenny.

Use the links above to find out more or read our Twitter feed for the latest information and reminders

From The Vicarage
Favourtie Hymns

From The Vicarage

Come and read some inspiring
words from our Reverend, Heidi.

Our Favourite Hymns

Have you got a favourite hymn?
Come and see if it’s on the list!

Twitter Feed

The latest news and tweets from the Llantilio Group.

1 week ago
New week, new tweets, new stats. 1 new unfollower. Via good old https://t.co/Kyfqngo4fT
2 weeks ago
Services in the four parishes tomorrow
Bell ringers at Llantilio https://t.co/hudJ5TdBUv
LlantilioG photo
3 weeks ago
Special service in Llantilio on Thursday
Everyone welcome from all four parishes https://t.co/o3CH14oYHJ
LlantilioG photo
3 weeks ago
Llantilio ringers rang the bells in Skenfrith Church tonight
11 ringers including a new ringer
Welcome to Margaret
3 weeks ago
Extract from one of the Townshend letters from 1911
"You can get marvellous toys for a penny in London I Know" https://t.co/umvWu64dG8
LlantilioG photo
3 weeks ago
The following page of our website is now updated
Townshend Letter 1 now online
Interesting insight into life in 1902
Music & Drama Festival

Music & Drama Festival

The Llantilio Crossenny Festival of Music and Drama is an annual event which takes place in May.

Young Farmers

The Young Farmers Club

The Raglan Young Farmers Club organise lots of fun events for people in and around the Parish.

The WI

Llantilio Crossenny WI

Come and read all the latest news and updates from the Llantilio Crossenny WI.


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