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Welcome to the website of the  Llantilio Crossenny group of parishes

The Priest in charge is Reverend Heidi Prince who is based at The Vicarage in Llantilio Crossenny.

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From The Vicarage
Favourtie Hymns

From The Vicarage

Come and read some inspiring
words from our Reverend, Heidi.

Our Favourite Hymns

Have you got a favourite hymn?
Come and see if it’s on the list!

Twitter Feed

The latest news and tweets from the Llantilio Group.

2 days ago
Rhys Pritchard from Llantilio Crossenny is running a marathon to raise money for Cylch Meithrin y Fenni! Donate on @justgiving and help raise £500 https://t.co/4IdPKONS9F
2 days ago
Meeting of all the churchwardens in the group in Llantilio on Wednesday to discuss how we can develop mission. How can we make church more interesting perhaps.
2 days ago
Our parish magazine (The New Times) is looking for a gardening correspondent. Do you love your garden? Do you love sharing your experiences in the garden. Let us know!
2 days ago
All the snow has gone (well nearly)
#Taize service in Llanvapley on Thursday 22nd at 7.30pm
I will be warm!
5 days ago
@LorraineCavana2 It is possible but complex. Technical help needed. Maybe the company who produce our website can help
Music & Drama Festival

Music & Drama Festival

The Llantilio Crossenny Festival of Music and Drama is an annual event which takes place in May.

Young Farmers

The Young Farmers Club

The Raglan Young Farmers Club organise lots of fun events for people in and around the Parish.

The WI

Llantilio Crossenny WI

Come and read all the latest news and updates from the Llantilio Crossenny WI.


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