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Our monthly bible text is from Psalm 62:5

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.

Expectation can be disappointing, can’t it? We were fortunate enough to be invited, by our lovely friend, to stay with her in Saundersfoot for the weekend. It has been a long time since I last visited that area, especially Tenby, which is near by; my memory of delicious ice-cream from the local ice-cream parlour and the possibility of GF fish and chips were a mouthwatering prospect. How sad I was when my expectation was unmet; the staff in the ice-cream parlour were less than friendly and the ice-cream costly and unpleasant. Neither did the GF fish and chips live up to expectation! It sounds silly, but I felt really let down and sad. Thankfully all was not lost! My daughter, on a previous wander, spied another ice-cream parlour!! Happy staff, friendly environment and delicious ice-cream!! We also discovered a burger restaurant that served the most delicious GF burgers!!

I suppose the truth is, expectation can be a bit of a reality check! It is never quite what it seems and we often end up disappointed. Strangely, it made me think about my faith and how our expectation of God limits him in our lives. We get so caught up with our own agenda that we seldom let him have a look in until it all goes wrong. God has a way of showing us that when we feel let down by life, he is not only there to pick us up, but always has something better planned for us just around the corner. It’s about letting God take care of our expectations, don’t you think?