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This letter has been provided by Nicholas Payne who is thanked for giving his permission to publish it. The letter is about young Maurice returning to Llanvapley to consider an Ordination course run by the Bishop of Llandaff. The Rt. Rev. Joshua Pritchard Hughes.  The text below is a loose translation.

St Mark’s House, Tunbridge Wells
JH Townsend
Letter to: Reverend Edward Mansel Townshend
Llanvapley Rectory, Abergavenny
My dear Ned,
As the time draw nears for Maurice to return to you, if you are able to receive him, I send this line to say that I am for my part prepared to pay the monthly £2 10/ if you can make use of him in playing the organ – doing anything for you in the parish.
As he will not now have any teaching work with Charlie (PAGE2) do you think that you can support to him some of reading with a view toward ordination – say next march – by the Bishop of Llandaff?
Maurice has got through a good deal of reading in his spare time so that I dare say there will be much fresh work in The Ordination course, but I trust always be ‘fair + softly’ like Him, he cannot be hurried or spurred as his nerves break up at once.
The doctors have always said that want of (PAGE3) nutrition of the brain is his trouble the cannot stand pressure, therefore although the work may be really very little it must be a case of “festina lente” with him. Perhaps you will kindly find out what the Bishop of Llandaff’s course is?
He has had a pleasant time at Tenby but in some ways very trying experiences having had to cut some four or five (or more), teeth extracted plus others stopped, so that he is often rather pulled down. The same thing (PAGE4) that I mentioned before stress itself in many ways. If those painful callosities on his feet which are so miserable and proceed from want of nutrition.
Whether he will be able to pass the Bishop’s examination or not we must encourage him with the hope that he will do so, and that with him goes a long way.
I hope that you are all well and that ??? has had a pleasant vacation. Our summer ???? goes on the same as ever, for 16 weeks my poor sister in law has lain almost motionless. She talks a great deal now for the last few days, but it is all rambling.
Love to all from your affectionate cousin,
JH Townsend