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 Llanvapley Churchyard further information


The following article appeared in the Illustrated Usk Observer and Raglan Herald on 26 October 1861 

The following story appeared in the Monmouthshire Merlin 15 October 1859

COUNTY COURT.- Ocr. 6. [Before JOHN MAURICE HEUBERT, Esq., Judge.] The number of cases was small, and the majority possessed no interest except to the parties. Of one case, only has our reporter sent any notes. 

Prosper v. Morgan and Smythe.—This case excited a great deal of interest. The plaintiff was Mr. W. Prosser, stone-mason and builder, residing in Abergavenny. 
He stated that in February last the late Mr. Philip Havard, of the Dog Inn, Monk-street, Abergavenny, came to his yard and requested him to erect a tombstone to the memory of his deceased wife, stating that he should like to have one similar to that of a Mr. Bainham, and to be erected in Llanvapley churchyard. 
When the tomb was finished he promised to send his man with a horse and cart to convey it to Llanvapley. The charge for the tomb was to be £12. Since that time Mr. Havard has died. Plaintiff had applied to the trustees, who are the defendants, for payment, but they would not settle the account on the ground that they did not give orders for the tombstone, and the remainder of the family declared they knew nothing about it.—The Judge “Where is the tomb now?”—.Mr. Prosser: In my yard.-The Judge: Then you cannot recover your claim, on account of its non-delivery. It is certainly very hard for you to be at the loss of the stone, but you cannot recover your claim. — Mr. Prosser I went twice to the Dog Inn during Mr. Havard’s illness, but I was prevented each time by an elderly lady from seeing him. I saw Mr. Morgan, one of the trustees, and showed him the tomb, stating who had ordered it. Mr. Morgan replied that he knew nothing about it, but provided it had been legally ordered, plaintiff ought to be paid, In answer to a question by the Judge, Mr. Prosser said that the tomb would have been erected in the churchyard at Llanvapley, only that the Rev. Mr. Piggott would not allow it to be placed there, because he had not been consulted on the subject. Mr. Morgan, one of the trustees on the part of the estate, stated that neither himself nor his colleague considered themselves justified in paying a claim which they knew nothing at all about; they were willing to discharge the debt, provided Mr. Prosser would prove who were the parties who had ordered the stone.- The Judge non- suited the plaintiff.

Further information about grave 49 – Lily Sophia and William Biggs

8-Jan-1925 Lily Sophia BIGGS

20-Sep-1934 William BIGGS

In loving memory of Lily Sophia the beloved wife of William Biggs

Sandhurst, Abergavenny late of Perth-y-Pea died Jan 8th 1925 aged 56 years

Thy will be done”

also the said / William Biggs / Died Sept. 20th 1934 / Aged 84 years

Abergavenny Chronicle 3 September 1915 LLANVAPLEY RED CROSS COMMITTEE

On Thursday last week, a most successful effort in aid of the Llanvapley Red Cross Committee’s work was made at Llanvapley Court, by the very kind permission of Mr. Reginald Herbert, Clytha Park. The arrangements were in the able hands of Mrs. W. Biggs, Perthypea (honorary treasurer) and the members of the committee, and a sum of over £ 9 was realized after all expenses had been met. A tea meeting was held in the beautiful grounds of the Court, at which over 200 were present, after which a concert was given. The chair was taken by the Rev. Evan Davies, Vicar of Llanddewi Rhydderch, and a most entertaining programme of music and recitations was given. The artistes were Miss Katie Jenkins, Llanover Miss L. Pritchard, Miss Prosser, Miss Edith Hill, Llanvapley; Miss Caldicott, Llanvihangel; Rev. J. S. Williams, Mr. Alan Morris, Llanvapley; Mr. George Cole, Maindiff Mr. O. Powell, Mr. C. Taylor (comedian), Llanddewi Rhydderch, all of whom gave of their best and were warmly received. Miss Grace Townshend, Llanvapley Vicarage, contributed some charming recitations. The accompaniments were ably played by Mr. H. Cole, Maindiff, who also contributed a pianoforte solo. The singing of the National Anthem brought the proceedings to a close.



The Red Cross in the First World War (Taken from http://www.redcross.org.uk/)Following the outbreak of war in August 1914, the British Red Cross and the Order of St John formed the Joint War Committee to pool monetary and human resources and to work together under the protected emblem of the red cross. Members of the British Red Cross and the Order of St John were organised into Voluntary Aid Detachments (the term VAD later came to be used for an individual member as well as a detachment). All members were trained in first aid and others trained in nursing, cookery and hygiene and sanitation.

Abergavenny Chronicle 12 December 1915 LLANVAPLEY PATRIOTIC CONCERT

A very successful concert was held on Thursday, Feb. 4th, at Laundry Cottage, kindly lent by Mr. Reginald Herbert, who sent a generous subscription to the fund. The concert was in aid of the Red Cross Working Party, in order to purchase materials for the garments for our brave soldiers. The members of the working party organized the concert but almost everyone in the village worked hard and gave generously that it might be a success. The room was tastefully decor-ated, and excellent refreshments were provided for those who assisted.
The chair was taken by Mr. W. Biggs, of Perth-y-pea, who made an appropriate speech. Special thanks are due to Mr. Hugh Cole, who gave his valuable services both as soloist and accompanist and to Miss Caldicott, of Llanvihangel, whose character songs were much appreciated.The programme was as follows :—Pianoforte solo,Mr. H. Cole song, “British boys,”Mr. W. Powell; song, “Your King and Country,”Miss Townshend comic duet (in character), The Upper Ten and the Lower Five,”Messrs. G. Caldicott and A. Williams recitation, Longfellow’s Christmas Bells,”Miss Grace Townshend song, The Old Soldier,”Mr. A. Morris song, Sons of the The Motherland,”Miss M. Davies song, Beacon,”Mr. A. Williams song, Tipperary,Mr. W. Powell song, My Caravan,”Miss . W. Powell song,N Townshend song, The soldiers’ farewell”Rev. Williams song, The Donah’s Wedding,”Miss Caldicott song, Sammy,”Mrs. A. Aliss Caldicott song, Morris song, Tommy Atkins,”Mr. O. Powell Song, Little Gipsy Jane,”Miss Caldicott; Song, Hearts of Oak,”Rev. Townshend song, A Soldier and a Man,”Mr. G. Caldicott song, “The Bay of Biscay,”Mr. Powell; recitation, The Home Flag, Miss TownshendNational Anthems of our Allies flag dresses,The Misses Townshend. A short sketch, entitled “Knitting,” was acted by the Misses Townshend, the characters being as follows Mss Susanah Murgatroyd, Miss V. Townshend Miss Jane Murgatroyd, Miss G. Townshend; Miss Eliza Murgatroyd, Miss S. Townshend Hannah Cowley (servant), Miss Townshend. Thanks are due to Mrs. Dominic for the loan of her piano, and to Mr. Davies, of Pentrewillian, for his gramophone, which entertained the audience before the commencement of the concert. The proceeds amounted in all to £ 4 17s., there being no expenses to pay