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The following account appeared in The Abergavenny Chronicle 29th July 1910


Funeral of Mrs. John Townshend.

The pretty village of Llanvapley was, on Tuesday last, the scene of a pathetic and sorrowful incident, in which the villagers and parishioners generally have displayed the kindliest sympathy and solicitude. Mrs. Townshend, the mother of the Rev. E. Mansel Townshend, M.A., Rector of the parish, had come, only a fortnight ago last Friday, to pay a long-promised visit to her son and his family at the Rectory. She had been abroad in Italy and Rome, where she fell and broke her arm – a serious accident to so old a lady – and for over a year she resided near other members of the family at Tunbridge Wells, evidently gaining strength and showing unusual powers of physical arid mental energy by the accounts of all who visited her. But the preparation for a long journey, in her daughter’s absence in Ireland, fatigued her, and she was obliged to make the journey slowly in three stages, with a lady companion, being met at the Newport Hotel by her son. But the drive up from Abergavenny delighted her, as did a brief visit on her way to Colonel Mansel, at Maindiff Court, and she arrived full of delight in the delicious air, the country, flowers, the sunshine, the hay-making, and her grandchildren who greeted her at the Rectory gates. It was natural that some fatigue should follow, and much-hoped-for drives had to be postponed from day to day, a little quiet intercourse with the family and with her son only being possible, Mrs. Mansel Townshend being herself away after an illness. Dr. Tatham was consulted, and advised rest and quiet. But before his next visit on Wednesday week last,, a slight attack of paralysis had evidently occurred, and a nurse was sent for, arriving the same evening. Unfortunately there was no improvement next day the bodily frame was worn out, and no longer capable of responding to medical treatment. At 4 a.m. Mr. Townshend was summoned by his daughter and the nurse, and only half an hour after he had left the house to summon the doctor for the last time, Mrs. Townshend had breathed her last. It was the middle of the hay harvest, the Rectory grass, already cut, was drying almost like tinder on the scorched ground, and owing to a change of servants everything was in danger of being neglected, when one after another the parishioners came to the rescue, and willing hands gathered in the ripening day and built the stack. And so at the sad funeral which followed upon Tuesday last relatives came from Oxford, Tunbridge Wells, London, and the extreme West of Corkl and Cheltenham and Sidmouth, and an immense number of letters and telegrams had to be ex- changed, and journeys and arrangements made. But the utmost sympathy and kindness has been felt and shown in every direction alike by the neighbours and the surrounding clergy. The service was taken by the Rev. J. Hume Townshend, Hon.D.D. Trin. Coll., Dublin, vicar of St. Mark’s Church, Broadwater Down, Tun- bridge Wells (first cousin of the deceased), .assisted by the Rector and the Rev. Ernest Skrimshire, vicar of Llantilio Crossenny. The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Messrs. David Thomas & Sons, Golden Fleece, Abergavenny and Mr. John Probert, Llan- vapley and were carried out with the utmost promptitude and simplicity. The remains, en- closed in a shell provided by Mr. Probert, were placed in a polished oak coffin, supplied by Messrs. Thomas, and carried by six bearers from Llanvapley Rectory to the little ivy-covered church, the bearers being as follows Messrs. John Watkins, Duffryn;. William Yeomans, Laverdon (church warden) Wm. Biggs, Perth- y-pea J. Probert, Red Hart William Harris (people’s warden), The Smithy and John Pritchard, of Tycanol, near Llanvapley. Mr. Edwin Nicholas, late church warden, took charge of the arrangements in thechurch. The mourners included Mr. Richard B. Townshend, M.A. (brother), of Oxford Univ. (Wadham Coll.), the Rev. and Mrs. E. Mansel Townshend, Miss E. M. Townshend (daughter), Miss E. S. Town- shend, of Tunbridge Wells (sister), Miss Daisy Townshend, Mr. Charles A. V. Townshend and Miss Grace E. F. Townshend (grandchildren), the Rev. Maurice Ed. Hume Townshend (Cousin), curate of Llanvetherine; Mr. James B. Somerville (family solicitor),