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43806 Sejeant C. Williams  Royal Field Artillery

6th January 1918

In loving memory his wife, daughter & sorrowing relatives,

“Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends”

John XV 13

Abergavenny Chronicle 11 January 1918

On the 6th January, at Fargo Military Hospital, Salisbury, from the effects of wounds, Sergt. C. O. Williams, of R.H. and R.F.A., the dearly-beloved youngest son of the late Roger Williams and Mrs. Williams, Venery, Llanvapley, aged 31 years. He gave his life for his country.


The mother of Sergt Williams was given a peace medal in July 1919 as part of Llanvapley’s peace celebrations on July 19 1919

Peace Celebrations Abergavenny Chronicle 25 July 1919

The Llanvapley celebrations consisted of a united thanksgiving service, a public lunch, athletic sports, village tea, concert, presentations to the soldiers, and took place in a field on Little Ton Farm, lent for the occasion by Sir. David W. Powell, the lunch, tea and concert being held in the great barn. The service which was held at midday was conducted by the Rector, the Rev. E. Mansel Townshend, SLA., assisted by the Rev J. S. Williams (Congrega- tional minister) and Mr. Chas. A. V. Townshend (late 1/4 Devons, M.E.F.). The Rector preached an appropriate sermon. The sports programme which followed the lunch, was interrupted by the rain, and some of the events were postponed till Slonday. A gramophone recital was given by Lieut. Townshend. The tea was followed by a concert, in which the following took part :The Rector and Miss Townshend, Miss Y. Townshend, Miss G. Townshend, Mr. Chas. Townshend, Mr. Percy Pratt, Sir. Alan Morris, Miss L. Pritchard, and Miss Winifred Morgan. Handsome trophy cases for medals, regimental badges and ribbons, and also Peace medals were presented. The Peace medals were presented by Sir. Wq. Biggs, on behalf of the parish, and the presentation of the trophy cases was made by Mrs. SI. Town- shend.
The recipients of trophy cases were

Sergt. A. Williams (formerly of Llanvapley  Rectory),
Lieut. N. Townshend (late 40th Signal Coy., R.E.)
A.B. Alec Brady of H.M.S. Loudon

while the recipients of the Peace medals were Sir. Albert Coode, Mr. Chas. A. V. Townshend, and Mrs. Roger Williams (whose son, Sergt. Chas. O. Williams, died of wounds). It is proposed to make the remainder of the presentations at a future concert, and to have the fireworks display at the same time.