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Grave 55 Additional Information – research by George Beale

Richard Carlisle was born in Lancaster, the son of a merchant, in 1817. He married Rosa Moseley Davis, daughter of a doctor, in 1864 at Oxford. She was born either in 1846 or 1843 and already a widow. She is obviously a lot younger than him! But then, in the following year of 1865, she is booked into a lunatic asylum in Shropshire as a private patient. There is no record of a discharge. However, she has 3 children, a girl and two boys. The one boy dies at 3 years old. In an 1871 directory, they are listed at Llanvapley Court and he is one of the principal landowners in the district. On the 1881 census, he is a magistrate and landowner. Richard died in 1893 leaving £35,239. This equates to  £4.5 million in today’s money (2019). Rosa died five years later in 1898 at the hotel “du Louvre” in the French Alps. She left £4416 which is about half a million pounds today.

In Bradney’s History of Monmouthshire, it mentions that the Court belonged to his daughter, Florence in 1909. She married Henry Mark White Spunner in 1902 in Somerset and appears to have gone to Ireland where she died in Dublin in 1937.