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The Grave of John and Mary Powell

22 May 1880 POWELL John

In loving memory of John Powell Chapel Farm Died May 22nd 1880 Aged 65

28 April 1895 Mary POWELL

In loving memory of Mary Powell Wife of the above

died 28th day of April 1895 Aged 75 years


On Monday last Dr. E. D. Batt and a jury, of which Mr. W. Parry Cefnddyclwyd, was foreman, held an inquest at Chapel Farm, Llanvapley, touching the death of the occupier, Mr. John Powell, aged 64 years. The evidence showed that on the previous Saturday deceased was at work in the granary, his little grand-daughter being with him, when he was seized with a fit of apoplexy. The child ran for her mother, who had him carried into the house at once, and placed on a sofa. Dr. Smythe was sent for, but deceased expired in about ten minutes. Dr. Smythe was called and said Mr. Powell had been ailing for some time, but he had not attended him for the past month. Witness expected that his death would be caused by apoplexy from the symptoms of his complaint. Verdict, Death from natural causes.”