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John Percival (Percy) Evans lived in the Carpenter’s Shop in Llanvapley. Here is a report written by Lesley and Jason Stoker who lived there from 1978 to 2016

The following report was written by Bethan Evans who is the great-granddaughter of John Percival Evans

My great-grandfather was John Percival Evans who married a lady by the name of Winnie Morgan and they lived in The Carpenters Shop in Llanvapley. They had three children; my grandfather whose name is John Harold Glyn Evans but went by the name Glyn, and my two great Aunts, Verina and Connie. I know that my great-grandfather went by the name of Percy and he made coffins in Llanvapley. My dad told me a story once where he remembered being a small child and walking in the workshop where there was coffins lined up he turned and ran as you could imagine that must of been quite a scary experience for a child. Sadly my grandfather (Glyn) passed away 10 years ago but he never really talked about his childhood, I know he fought in WWII and obviously witnessed the most terrible things which left him having flash backs, nightmares etc or what we know it as today PTSD. So my Bamp never opened up much.

The photos below have been provided by Bethan Evans.

They show Percy and his wife and some of Percy’s tools which were donated to the Usk Museum of Rural Life