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The following message came from Ron Williams who was trying to locate information about one of his relatives. Her grave is not in the churchyard but he was able to provide some information about Harley Williams.

Thank you very much for the prompt information but sadly the grave I am looking for is Stella Wilson and the date I have of her burial is the 29th November 1943 at Llanvapley church and only a few weeks old, her mother/my mother who was Florence Wilson of Sunny Bank Cottage

The records I have show that my mother lived there from about 1930 with her mother Florence Ann Bevan and great grandmother Mary Ann Jones.  I have all three listed as living there on the 1939 census.

Also on the 1939 census I have my father’s sister Gladys Williams living at Laundry cottage ( the old post office ) then later at the same address, my father’s other sister Charlotte Patchell lived there and ran the post office until its closure.

Charlotte’s husband Fred Patchell died not long after they were married so I am not sure if he ever lived in the village, but I do recall Charlotte had a lodger for many years called Harley I believe that’s Harley Williams a gentleman buried in the church yard in 1974.