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Notices for our four parishes

Last update 24th March 2020

All services and PCC meetings in our churches have been cancelled. You may like to keep in contact with your church by using online resources.

Revd. Lorraine Cavanagh has produced a series of podcasts which you may like to listen to. Lorraine also regularly writes and her thoughts are published on her blog.

Community help, church services in our Group and the pandemic

(minor update 25 March 2020)

In these unusually uncertain times it’s important that we continue to work as a group of churches and as individual parishes to ‘do our bit’, whether church-goers or not.

As the time of writing we seem to be, as yet, untouched by the Covid 19 virus, which we should treat as a brief precious opportunity.

Official advice / directives

There’s plenty of public advice / directive from state and church, which obviously needs to be checked regularly for updates and that advice followed. Thorough frequent hand washing is perhaps the most important.

Extra local precautions

There is more we can do, and at communities level, when face-to-face meeting can’t be avoided then keeping a 2 meter distance will be vital.  Greet people without touching them – maybe use the Namaste greeting (which means ‘the divine in me respects the divine in you’), or another suitable greeting. Lock-down was announced by the UK government on 24 March.

Practical mutual support – volunteers

You might want to see how you can help neighbours. One younger couple in Llantilio Crossenny have volunteered to run errands for those unable to leave their homes, for example, with shopping or fetching prescriptions. Other volunteers (from less vulnerable health and age groups) will be most welcome in all the four parishes, and we’d be grateful if you would contact Heidi if you can help. If you need help, then please let Heidi or the wardens in your parishes know – please check this website for contact details.

Maintaining moral and mental health

Many of the same vulnerable people will also depend on social contact to avoid loneliness, anxiety or fear. Keeping things in perspective can be difficult in adversity. If you can help with phone calls, or arms-length visits to neighbours just for a chat, and to make sure they’re OK, that would be another truly valuable community service.

Church services

Church services won’t be taking place at all until further notice. Churches have been ordered to be fully closed. Sadly Holy Communion is not now available.

Updates and passing on the message

Please check this website frequently for updates and further local information. Many of our neighbours don’t have internet access, so please let your neighbours know what’s happening if you can.