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From the Vicarage

Christmas Day 2021

“Be not afraid.”
Thinking about my Christmas sermon, the same words kept coming back to me. They are the words of the angel, who, every time he appears, utters the same message: Do not be afraid.
“And the angel said to Zechariah…Do not be afraid.”
“And the angel said to Mary, “Be not afraid.”
“And the angel said to the shepherds,
“Be not afraid.”
“Be not afraid”, how we need to listen to those words now, more than ever.
In the last two years our world, our way of life, has been turned upside-down by an invisible force.
We cannot see this virus with the naked eye, yet we all know it’s there, and try and take steps to keep ourselves as safe as we can from it.
Its effects on our day-to-day lives has touched us all, no one has been unaffected.
No one could have imagined that we would all be wearing masks, keeping our distance, and sanitising our hands so regularly in order to keep ourselves safe.

But we are here this morning, because all of us, one way or another, have been touched by another invisible force.
Our world has been turned upside-down by the gift of faith, and the knowledge that we are held – every single one of us- within God’s embrace.
We have travelled alongside Mary and Joseph, we have journeyed with the shepherds, to come and worship this child.
We have glimpsed something of God’s light and love.
We have followed the star of faith – maybe we have hesitated at times, perhaps we have sometimes lost sight of it, but somewhere, deep within our hearts, the light of faith still flickers.
No microscope, however strong, can show us the reality of love. Yet we all know its impact.
At the heart of our faith is the Divine love in which we are all held.
We cannot explain it, and we often don’t understand it, but that Love is at the heart of all that is.
Whatever you are going through at the moment, whatever you are facing, the angel says to you too:
“Be not afraid. The Lord is with you.”
May you know God’s peace which passes all understanding, and may you hear the angels sing within your heart.

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