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From the Vicarage

So, apparently there’s a plea to “save Christmas”. Whatever happens, we are told, “Christmas must be saved”.
Yet, I thought, isn’t it the other way around? Isn’t it Christmas that saves us?
The Christ child comes to a broken and weary world, bringing the good tidings of a God in whose love we are all held.
No Christmas parties to welcome him; not even the warmth of a room at the local hostelry – but simply an old stable-block around the back, into which Jesus is born.
For me, and for Christians all over the world, “Christmas being saved” is not dependent upon meeting up with loved ones, or feasting at a hearty meal – it is dependent upon greeting the Christ child wherever we are, and however we feel.
We come to meet him as we are, that we might let go of all that weighs us down, as we take the Christ child into our arms, hold him close, feel His warmth, watch him smile, and hear the angels sing.

With every blessing to you at Christmas.

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