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Sunday Services

Sunday 25th October is Bible Sunday. There are no services in our four parishes this Sunday during the ‘fire break’ period. Revd. Lorraine Cavanagh has written a sermon which reflects on what the Bible means for each one of us. Click on the link below to download the sermon.


This Sunday is Bible Sunday and @LorraineCavana2 reflects on what the bible means for all of us, and invites us to be honest with ourselves about how important, or unimportant, the
bible is to us in our own faith journey. Visit our website to read more. https://t.co/UxVVKGhWRx

For Sunday 11th October, Revd. Peter Cobb has written a message for the season of Harvest. In his message he reflects on the words of Psalm 65 ‘Thou crownest the year with thy goodness’ in a year which has been so very different.
Read it our website

For Trinity 17, Sunday 4th October, Revd. Andrew Dawson has written a message which looks at passages from St Matthew’s Gospel and Isaiah. Download the message from our website.

The October edition of the Llantilio Group magazine is now available on our website.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed. https://t.co/JaXUSXECzq
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“I believe in all things visible and invisible”
For Sunday 27th of September Revd. Heidi looks forward to Michaelmas on the 29th and asks 'How easy is it to believe in things that are unseen?'
Read her message on our website.

The churches in our parishes are not holding services on 20th September.
Have you ever wondered why the 'last will be first, and the first will be last.'? (Matthew 20 1-16)
Find out by reading Revd. Andrew Dawson's message on our website.

Services in our four parish churches have been cancelled for the time being.
For Sunday 13th September members of our churches are invited to join the live service from Newport Cathedral which starts at 10.30am.

No services in our parishes on Sunday 6th.
Revd. Andrew Dawson has written a sermon based on Matthew 18:15-20 in which he says..
'if we have differences ..... we need to keep the goal of resolution in our sights.'
It can be downloaded from our website

The September edition of our parish magazine is now available online to read and to download.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

The September edition of our parish magazine, 'The New Times' is looking for reports and stories from our four communities and churches. DM for contact details. Photos always welcome.

For Sunday 23rd August Revd. @LorraineCavana2 has provided a sermon which attempts to answer the question 'Who do you say that I am?' - words which were uttered by Peter to Jesus.
Download the sermon from our website.

Services on 16th August in Llanvetherine and Llantilio are cancelled.
Revd. Andrew Dawson has written a message for our four parishes. This message can be read on our website https://t.co/E88prHEkPj
'only with uncertainty are we required to examine our faith and trust in God'

Following on from Revd Heidi's reflection on life and death last week, this week she asks us to marvel at the miracle of life itself.

In normal times we would be worshiping today in Llanvetherine and Llantilio.
For today Revd. Heidi has given us some of her thoughts on life and death.
“For life and death are one, even as the river and sea are one.”
Download her thoughts on our website.

The August edition of The New Times is available on our website
Thanks to everyone who has contributed.
Hope you enjoy keeping up with the news from our four parishes.

The August edition of The New Times will be published online and sent out via email later today. https://t.co/7Py9fVTxvK LlantilioG photo

Our visiting preacher this week is Revd. Michael Marsden, who is the hospital chaplain in Nevill Hall. In his sermon he recounts an encounter from his days as a curate in the parish of Neath. "Do you know him?" Download his sermon from our website.

Thanks to @LorraineCavana2 who has contributed her Sermon/reflection for the 6th Sunday after Trinity based on Matt.13:24-30; 36-43
'Two sermons about seeds and sowing on two consecutive Sundays.'
It is now available to download on our website

Why do the brambles grow so quickly? I can spend hours in the garden, and yet it hardly looks as if I’ve touched it.
Find out why by reading Revd. Heidi's sermon for Pentecost 6 which is based on the Parable of the Sower. Matthew chapter 13.

The New Times will shortly be emailed to our 163 subscribers. Here is a glimpse of the front page. https://t.co/149U6ZIHqV LlantilioG photo
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