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The North Monmouthshire Ministry Area


The North Monmouthshire Ministry Area will be commissioned by Bishop Cherry, assisted by Archdeacon Ian, at 3.30pm on Sunday 15th January 2023, during a special service. The venue for the Commissioning Service is yet to be finalised, but it will take place in one of the seventeen churches in the Ministry Area.

Today’s service in Llanvetherine has been cancelled.
So the next service in Llanvetherine is scheduled for Sunday 16 October at 0930.
The October edition of our parish magazine is now available to download, read and enjoy on our website
Lots of news from our parishes in what was an historic month. https://t.co/8s9WccJpzy
LlantilioG photo
Lovely harvest flowers In Llanvapley https://t.co/uD1Wd95UH4 LlantilioG photo
It’s the season of autumn and it’s time to celebrate https://t.co/HekRWNMRfG LlantilioG photo
Two services in our group tomorrow
Everyone welcome
Full details of our services and a special message from Revd Heidi following the passing of HM the Queen on our website.
https://t.co/O5Jx68hHdm https://t.co/E9m4xi5ePP
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Llantilio Crossenny bell ringers are gathering at noon today to ring the half muffled bells in the church of St Teilo’s. People from all four parishes in our group are invited to pay their respects to HM the Queen.
Bells were rung tonight in Llanvapley at 7.30pm to give thanks for the life and service of HM the Queen.
4 people took turns and rang 96 times
An honour
Looking for a Sunday service at one of our @ChurchinWales churches in North Monmouthshire? https://t.co/TByewqwQJL LlantilioG photo
Have you read Emma and Richard’s report of their wedding In Llantilio Church?

https://t.co/NnIcbBl7V4 https://t.co/Lp9ZDESRdN
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The September edition of The New Times is available on our website. Thanks to all our reporters in the parishes .

Congratulations to Emma and Christian. We hope your wedding in St Mabli’s was everything you wanted it to be. https://t.co/kcgR46vsJW LlantilioG photo
It’s Emma and Christian’s wedding day In Llanvapley.
Best wishes for a wonderful day. https://t.co/uaUlhvcGIj
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The August edition of The New Times is now available online.
https://t.co/NnIcbBl7V4 thanks to everyone who contributed.
Service In Llanvapley this morning at 11am. All welcome. https://t.co/jtV4cIipbJ LlantilioG photo
Excellent Strawberry Tea at St Mabli’s. Thanks everyone for your support. The weather was thankfully kind👍 https://t.co/ktTXCSqzeJ LlantilioG photo
Two services in our group today. Everyone welcome https://t.co/8pQmqfR5hk LlantilioG photo
An excellent celebration for Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee at St Teilo’s #llantiliocrossenny on Sunday 5 June
An insightful and reflective address by Revd. Peter Cobb and the WI choir were just superb. An delicious cake to share! Thanks to all. https://t.co/a2ZspUUuaG
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Music & Drama Festival

Music & Drama Festival

The Llantilio Crossenny Festival of Music and Drama is an annual event which takes place in May.

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