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From The Vicarage

The North Monmouthshire Ministry Area


The Llantilio Group of parishes is now part of the North Monmouthshire Ministry Area following the service in Llantilio Crossenny on 15th January.

To find more about how the Ministry Area click on the links below.

Llanvapley Church would like to thank Paul, Leah, Kate and customers at the Red Hart public house for the very generous donation following the Christmas raffle. #goodneighours https://t.co/AypovAj3Lq LlantilioG photo
Prizes in the Red Hart raffle are looking good! Thanks for its support of the church just across the road! https://t.co/JdCtrUThr5 LlantilioG photo
St Mabli’s church Llanvapley is delighted the Red Hart is supporting its neighbour. Why not pop in and buy a ticket! https://t.co/nDaOW5Bx1O LlantilioG photo
The service in Penrhos today was cancelled but Llanvapley went ahead after an early morning inspection! Thanks for @LorraineCavana2 for braving the snow to get to Llanvapley https://t.co/wMYVWY8vYD LlantilioG photo
It’s a busy week ahead in our churches starting with two Services for the third Sunday in Advent https://t.co/bQ1k0KQzMw LlantilioG photo
The December / January edition of our parish magazine is now online.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this Christmas edition
The service at Penrhos on Sunday 27th November at 9.30 has been cancelled.
The service in Llanvapley at 11am goes ahead.
The November edition of The New Times is now available on our website.
Thanks for everyone who contributed. Hope you enjoy learning more about our communities.
Today’s service in Llanvetherine has been cancelled.
So the next service in Llanvetherine is scheduled for Sunday 16 October at 0930.
The October edition of our parish magazine is now available to download, read and enjoy on our website
Lots of news from our parishes in what was an historic month. https://t.co/8s9WccJpzy
LlantilioG photo
Lovely harvest flowers In Llanvapley https://t.co/uD1Wd95UH4 LlantilioG photo
It’s the season of autumn and it’s time to celebrate https://t.co/HekRWNMRfG LlantilioG photo
Two services in our group tomorrow
Everyone welcome
Full details of our services and a special message from Revd Heidi following the passing of HM the Queen on our website.
https://t.co/O5Jx68hHdm https://t.co/E9m4xi5ePP
LlantilioG photo
Llantilio Crossenny bell ringers are gathering at noon today to ring the half muffled bells in the church of St Teilo’s. People from all four parishes in our group are invited to pay their respects to HM the Queen.
Bells were rung tonight in Llanvapley at 7.30pm to give thanks for the life and service of HM the Queen.
4 people took turns and rang 96 times
An honour
Looking for a Sunday service at one of our @ChurchinWales churches in North Monmouthshire? https://t.co/TByewqwQJL LlantilioG photo
Have you read Emma and Richard’s report of their wedding In Llantilio Church?

https://t.co/NnIcbBl7V4 https://t.co/Lp9ZDESRdN
LlantilioG photo
The September edition of The New Times is available on our website. Thanks to all our reporters in the parishes .

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Music & Drama Festival

Music & Drama Festival

The Llantilio Crossenny Festival of Music and Drama is an annual event which takes place in May.

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