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The parish church of Llantilio Crossenny is dedicated to St Teilo


Llantilio Crossenny Church

Church of St Teilo, Llantilio Crossenny

The original church would have been of wood, which was replaced around the end of the twelfth or early thirteenth century with stone, with a central “early English” tower, some sixty-foot high. It originally had a parapet, as shown by the gargoyles, and probably a flat lead roof or one in the form of a low pyramid covered with stone tiles.

In 550 A.D. the Saxons were plundering in the area, and the local king, Iddon, asked Teilo, a holy man staying in Llanarth, to pray for him. Teilo raised a cross on the ancient pre-Christian mound, and the Saxons were repelled. In return, Iddon granted the mound to Teilo to build a church. This was dedicated to Teilo, who later became Bishop of  Llandaff and a Saint.

The present name is a corruption of “St. Teilo at Iddon’s Cross”. A grant of 3 modil of land, (27 acres) in 550 A.D. by King Iddon to St. Teilo and the Church of Llandaff   forever, is mentioned in ecclesiastical documents of 1119, 1128 and 1291 A.D.

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The Priest in Charge

Reverend Heidi Prince

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Elsie Latham

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Sean Cavanagh

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