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St Mabli’s Church, Llanvapley

Photographs of the graves in the churchyard

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Grave 25

Grave 25 Harriett EVANS Ty-Canol Farm Llanthewy Rytherch who died Dec 19th 1898 aged 67 years

Grave 26

Grave 26
Grave 26 C Williams - Maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Grave 27

The grave of Roger Williams who was the father of Charles Williams who is in the adjacent grave. grave 26

Grave 30

Grave 30 Evans family
The Evans family grave

Grave 31

Sophia Evans
Sophia Evans

Grave 32

Grave 32 Alfred Evans
Alfred Evans The grave is the small one in the foreground which also has Sophia's name on it - also mentioned in grave 31

Grave 55

Grave 55 The Crypt Archer Roland CARLISLE died Jan 9th 1868 Aged two years and nine months Richard CARLISLE Born March 19th 1817 died March 14th 1893 Rose Marie CARLISLE died May 17th 1898

Grave 75

Grave of Nellie Williams who died when she was less than six months old

Grave 76

Grave 76 HUGHES Renee Abby 26th Dec 1961 Age 76

Grave 77

Grave 77 Tom HUGHES Born 9th July 1892 Died 30th Oct 1975

Grave 78

Grave 78 Virginia Roselyn Abby FLETCHER died 27th July 1995 Age 62 years